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Websites for real estate and dynamic websites

The most crucial aspect of your website is this section, which needs to be both keyword- and user-friendly for both your visitors and search engines. Here is a checklist to make sure your website is properly optimised.

Be sure to include your company name and keywords in the page title, such as Properties for Sale in Spain by Zastil Properties.
The first thing on your page, whether it is left or centre aligned, should always be your logo so that customers can recognise your business.
You MUST use the “H1” tag on every page, especially the home page, as search engines interpret this as a description of the information on your website.
The other key element is the need for dynamic content on your homepage. For example, highlighted properties, real estate news, the weather, guides, and anything that can change frequently Additionally, you can set this up to happen automatically so you won’t have to worry about turning the pages every day.
Page Contact Us
Having a good contact page makes it simple for your customers to get in touch with you when they need to. A few words regarding your contact page.

Phone number is significant and is formatted clearly with the country code +34 952 123 456.
Avoid entering your email address directly; instead, use a contact form. This allows you to easily verify the information sent and prevents spammers from using your email address to send unsolicited emails.
Locating your offices requires a map, and I suggest using Google Maps to find your building precisely lentor modern.
Make sure your search is available on every page and has the fewest search options possible. If necessary, create an advanced search to list all of your search options. The most common information is location and price, but the number of beds is not far behind. Depending on where you are selling, you may also want to include the property type, such as villa or apartment.

Advanced Lookup

To link to your search page, make one. an advanced search page that includes all the features of the standard search along with the ability to search for facilities like gardens, swimming pools, and sizes.

Real Estate Detail Pages

These should be created with the specific property you are viewing in mind. The reference should come after the property title and description. The best way to display the photos is to first create a large image, after which clickable thumbnails of the other photos will replace the large image. How you present the other information is entirely up to you.

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